Fighting for life, liberty, & freedom in Indiana & our nation!

I am the ONLY TRUE PROVEN 100% PROLIFE, NO EXCEPTIONS CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE Republican running for State Representative in district 93! I have stood against the Establishment Swamp to defend your constitutional freedoms and your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and if re-elected I will continue to fight for you! By the grace of God, I can proudly say that I have more than fulfilled ALL my campaign promises! No other candidate running for Representative in District 93 has more experience with how government works than I do! I am not an ‘establishment swamp’ politician, I am a grassroots supported statesman, serving you, ‘we the people’.

100% Pro-Life

No exceptions. John Jacob will continue his fight to protect all innocent lives from being intentionally killed. Abortion is always murder!

Medical Freedom

John Jacob will fight for your medical freedom. Nobody should lose their or be denied service because of their personal medical choices.

Gun Rights

John Jacob was successful in fighting to get constitutional carry in Indiana. Now he wants to do away with laws that bypass due process to take away peoples guns.